Malaria Management Program: Dr. Opigo calls for particular person duty within the battle in opposition to malaria


The Ugandan government, through the Ministry of Health, is stepping up strategies to reduce the incidence of malaria despite the urgency of the provision of health services that comes with Covid-19, as malaria is still a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the country, according to official information.

The ministry launched the “Under the Net” campaign, which distributes long-life insecticidal nets (LLINs) to all households in different regions of the country.

Dr. Jimmy Opigo, head of the malaria control program, reiterated that this campaign is intended to reduce malaria prevalence and morbidity.

Although progress has been made in the fight against malaria, there are differences in performance levels, given that some regions are still heavily affected by malaria.

“In 2009 we had a prevalence of up to 60%. In 2014 it was 19% and last year it was 9%. So there is so much progress. Unfortunately, progress has been inconsistent as Karamoja is close to 30% while West Nile, Busoga and Acholi are heavily polluted as malaria in these areas is affected by poverty and poor housing, ”explained Dr. Opigo.

He noted that certain malaria control projects are underway in the areas of high pollution.

“We have traveled across the country and have already given out 26 million mosquito nets. Next we are going to West Nile, Acholi, parts of the southwest and east. We will give another 5 million mosquito nets, ”said Opigo.

Added: “It is the government’s ambition to protect the people. Aside from giving mosquito nets, we also advocate the use of these nets and practices every night to prevent mosquito bites such as closing windows in the evening, applying repellants, spraying their homes, and finding medical care early Care as soon as signs and symptoms of malaria appear. “

He also noted that the campaign emphasizes that every member of the household, whether a domestic worker or not, must be looked after and given access to a treated mosquito net every night.

“Even when you’re out and about, you can park your mosquito net and move around with it,” he advised.

Dr. Opigo advised that new mosquito nets should be hung under a shade once purchased to allow excess chemicals to dissolve.

“There is a bit of discomfort like itching from the chemical used. But in a short time this can go away. We encourage people to hang a mosquito net in the shade for a day so that the excess chemical can escape. LLINs are designed for a service life of three years. The chemical was used in such a way that if you wash the net 20 times, the chemical is gone, ”he explained.

He encouraged Ugandans to take individual responsibility for ending malaria. “Fighting and fighting malaria is a personal responsibility. The best government can give you tools like mosquito nets. But using it every day is your job. “

In the meantime, wave 4 of the “Unter dem Netz” campaign is running and a total of 6 waves of the campaign will take place.

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