Killing mosquitoes with Cardi B.


Keeping a bird bath or pond in your yard is a great way to add ambiance and style, but both things can be mosquito paradise. Popular methods to get rid of them are often with harsh pesticides, however [Shane] gave us a greener way to treat these disease-causing insects by dragging an underwater Cardi B playlist and killing the mosquito larvae.

Although the build includes some other favorites like “Baby Shark” and will likely work with any song (or audio with sufficient volume), the build is still pretty interesting. It’s based on a 555 timer circuit that powers an ultrasonic sonic gun, but has been repurposed for this build. The ultrasonic modules have been replaced by piezo modules that are waterproof with silicone. The generated sound vibrates at a frequency that resonates with the mosquito larvae and is fatal for them. [Shane] Put the den in a small boat that can swim in any pond, bird bath, horse trough, or water feature.

The biggest limitation with this burrow is that it can harm other beneficial animals like fish or frogs. Therefore, he suggests limiting its use to uninhabited standing water. In either case, however, it’s a pretty unique way of solving a mosquito problem, similar to another build that treats those insects in the water in a slightly different way.

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