“Massive Mouth” Season 4: Who Speaks Tito the Mosquito and the Gratitoad?


A new season of Big Mouth is here, which means we have a new collection of crazy characters to enjoy and to worry about. Netflix’s raunchiest cartoon has added a living embodiment of fear, a grateful guru, and the series’ first trans character in its latest installment.

Wondering who is talking about the new characters from Big Mouth Season 4? I don’t ask myself anymore. Here’s your guide to some of the biggest additions this season.

Who speaks to Tito, the scared mosquito in the big mouth?

You know that voice in the back of your mind that says you did everything wrong? In the world of Big Mouth, that voice belongs to comedian Maria Bamford.

Big Mouth has always done an excellent job at casting but they really did a homerun with Tito. Bamford has long been known as a comedian for a comedian, and a large part of her popularity comes from speaking openly about her own mental health issues. She often mentions her diagnoses of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Bipolar II disorder in her stand up. But Bamford’s career wasn’t limited to the stage. She has starred in Arrested Development and her own Netflix original series Lady Dynamite. She has also worked as a speaker for Adventure Time, BoJack Horseman, CatDog, and American Dad! to name just a handful of her memorable roles.

Who speaks the gratitoad in Big Mouth?

That calm voice of reassurance is none other than Zach Galifianakis. Anyone familiar with Galifianaki’s charity work and general vibe as a good guy shouldn’t be surprised he was chosen to play the literal voice of reason amid depression and anxiety.

The Gratitoad actually sounds a bit like one of the other Galifianakis characters: the smug Dale in FX’s Baskets. While best known for starring in the Hangover trilogy, the comedian has received serious critical acclaim thanks to his anti-talk show Between Two Ferns.

Who speaks Natalie in Big Mouth?

Season 4 of the series begins with a big change for the main children. At camp, Andrew, Nick, and Jessi learn that one of their long-time friends is a trans woman. This is Natalie and she is voiced by Josie Totah.

Much like her Big Mouth counterpart, Totah is also trans. Before joining, she appeared on Disney Channel’s Jessie and ABC’s Back in the Game. Totah is currently playing Lexi, one of the main characters in Peacock’s new version of Saved by the Bell.

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