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Health ministry spokesman Emmanuel Ainebyoona said the distribution teams are already on their way to the designated districts where they will train village health teams throughout the week.

The Department of Health de-registered the second group of officials who will distribute 4.9 million long-life insecticide-treated nets to 28 districts in central and western Uganda. The first batch distributed a total of 4,371,259 nets in 25 districts in eastern and northern Uganda.

This is part of the newly launched “under the net” campaign with which the government intends to distribute up to 27.5 million mosquito nets across the country. This includes 15 million grids procured with funds from the Global Fund and 12 million grids from AMF.

The US President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) provided logistical support for the campaign.

The 4.9 million mosquito bets are distributed among others to 8.6 million people in the districts of Hoima, Mbarara, Mitooma and Buhwejju. The National Medical Stores have already delivered the mosquito nets to the respective districts.

However, Emmanuel Ainebyoona, spokesman for the health ministry, said the distribution teams are already on their way to the designated districts where they will train village health teams throughout the week.

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Ainebyoona says the teams are making door-to-door deliveries to 1.7 million households in the selected districts to avoid public gatherings and contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease, COVID-19.

The ministry has deployed over 1,000 people and rented nearly 300 vehicles for distribution.

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Most of the vehicles come from tour operators. Some of the drivers have praised the ministry for doing business as their operations have been affected by the lockdown.

One of the drivers who will transport the sales team to Mbarara said the ministry would pay 110,000 shillings a day, compared to the usual rate of 200,000 shillings a day. ”

This is a huge loss, but I accepted the offer because I need to make money after being in suspension for more than five months, ”he said.

His colleague said the ministry gave each driver 200,000 shillings as relief for meals and accommodation for the two-week exercise.

“A wise man does not refuse money. However, this amount is small as the cheapest hotel charges 15,000 shillings per night in some places. This means that the drivers will be sleeping and eating in dingy places during this exercise, ”he noted.

However, the duo say they will continue to provide services to the ministry if there are complaints about low wages as it is unsure when the tourism industry will actually pick up. The third part of the sales exercise takes place between August and September in Kampala and Wakiso.

The total cost of the mosquito net campaign is USD 120 million (UGX 432 billion).

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