Mentally challenged uncle kills nephew (9), boils his head


December 6, 2020

Newspaper headlines

By Tonderai Saharo

A mentally challenged man from the village of Matova under Chef Zimuto in the Gokomere area of ​​Masvingo murdered his brother’s nine-year-old son before he cut off the minor’s head in a pot and boiled it.

Zimbabwean Republic (ZRP) Police Deputy Spokesman Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident and said the man was already in custody.

“We are still investigating the subject, but the suspect is already in custody,” said Ace Com Nyathi.

Sources in the area identified the boy as Trevor Chitiga. They said the boy went to his uncle, Clever Chitiga, to play on Friday afternoon but did not return home at the expected time.

His parents looked for him everywhere but could not find him.

On Saturday morning, people found Clever boiling the boy’s head in a saucepan, but the torso was missing.

When the suspect was approached, he fled the scene but was arrested in a high-density suburb in Mucheke, Masvingo and held at the Chikato Police Station.

The boy’s torso was later found wrapped in a mosquito net and dumped in a ditch in the same village.

The boy was a second grade student at Matova Elementary School.

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