Dengue circumstances on the rise in Madanapalle


Tirupati: While coronavirus cases have seen a downward trend in recent days, dengue cases have started to worry both people and officials. So far, 19 cases have been reported in the district, while most are only in the Madanapalle region. This number is small compared to more than 400 cases last year. However, the officials have prepared for preventive measures.

Dengue fever caused by mosquitoes, which is transmitted by several species of mosquitoes. The normal symptoms are sudden and high fever, severe headache, pain behind the eyes, severe joint and muscle pain that are not of concern if treated early. If treatment is delayed, platelet counts decrease, leading to a lack of immunity, which can become complicated. In addition, patients can suffer from breathing problems.

District Malaria Officer B Venugopal told The Hans India that three cases were recently reported in Madanapalle. However, no cases of malaria and chikungunya have been reported so far this year. The department, in collaboration with the line departments, has made the public aware of the causes of the spread of mosquitoes and informed them about the steps to take to maintain cleanliness in their homes and in the surrounding areas.

The government has launched a mosquito control app. With this app, the ANMs can take photos of mosquito breeding sources wherever they find clogged drains and garbage and upload them to the app. Affected health ministers of the village / community will fix the problem and upload the photo again to the app, which must be approved by the ANM if they are satisfied.

This system gives fruitful results. The Ministry of Health employees also started the campaign for Friday as a dry day. Staff are informing people that the stagnant water can lead to mosquito breeding, the DMO added.

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