Ep 3: Mosquito Mayhem | Illness Hunter | CNA Video On Demand


About the show:

What can the next pandemic bring?

This three-part series shows Disease Hunters at the forefront of identifying, examining, or killing infectious diseases, vectors, and microbes. Featuring leading scientists from Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia, Japan, the Philippines, Iceland, India, the UK and the US, it highlights international collaboration and data sharing as scientists try to keep up with potential pathogens.

The series also connects today’s outbreaks with historical epidemics and examines factors that may accelerate future outbreaks, such as human-animal interactions, drug resistance, climate change, urbanization, and globalization.

Cinematic medical animation shows the invisible processes of viruses, bacteria and mosquito-borne diseases, vaccines, antibiotics, bacteriophages and monoclonal antibodies. Diseases discussed include COVID-19 coronavirus, influenza, H1N1 swine flu, polio, superbugs, tuberculosis, malaria, and dengue fever.

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