A brand new bridge might be opened at Mosquito Creek


News Narissa Fraser Friday November 27, 2020No More Bottleneck: The San Fernando to Point Fortin Highway has been expanded to remove a bottleneck that would cause daily traffic. – Narissa Fraser

SOUTHERN taxi drivers will now experience some relief as both ends of the San Fernando / Point Fortin freeway at Mosquito Creek are now open to public use.

A temporary stretch of road was opened last October. The drivers had complained that there was no shoulder, and this section still doesn’t have one.

For months there has been daily heavy traffic in the southbound lane immediately after the Paria Suites, as a bottleneck led to a section of the old road.

On Tuesday, the geo-foam bridge connecting these two road sections was completed and the bottleneck removed. The new section has shoulders.

Drivers and commuters used social media to share their relief as they no longer had to worry about seawater reaching the new evolved road.

They were happy that they were “finally over the water”, but still hoped that the project could be completed soon.

The route for this project was proposed in 2010 and the Point Fortin and Rousillac sections should be completed by 2016. Both are not finished yet.

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