Ministry of Well being implements new measures to stop mosquito internet abuse


In the ongoing “under the net” campaign to distribute durable insecticide nets to all households across the country, the government has found that people are abusing the mosquito nets and as such have developed measures to contain the vice.

In a press release from Dr. Henry G Mwebesa, Director General of Health Services, the Department of Health has strengthened the District Health Task Force teams to monitor the use of mosquito nets.

“This comes amid reports that some residents have sold the recently distributed mosquito nets to raise funds for their households amid the fighting caused by the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Dr. Mwebesa.

“As part of this effort, the department has strengthened all district task forces to monitor network usage. The task forces are led by the Resident District Commissioners, who are represented by District Health Officers. Other members of the committee include the district health secretaries, district health educators, malaria contacts, district vector inspectors and district surveillance officers, ”he added.

Dr. Mwebesa noted that the district task forces have also established subland task forces to closely monitor operations at the community level.

“The Sub County Taskforce consists of 7 members led by the Sub County Chief, the Health Assistant, the Health Educator, and a community representative.”

Mwebesa went on to say that the village team members were hired to go door to door to oversee the use and hanging of the mosquito nets.

“They were also commissioned to continuously sensitize the municipalities to the correct use of networks, network maintenance, network repair and network redesign,” he added.

So far, 3 waves of the “Under the Net” campaign have been completed by the 6, and a total of 92 districts have been covered.

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