Govt, Society for Household Well being, opens committees to start distributing mosquito nets to five million residents in Osun – The Solar Nigeria


Clement Adeyi, Osogbo

The government of Osun state and the Society for Family Health (SFH) have set up LCCN (Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets Campaign Coordination Network) committees in the state.

At the inauguration in the State Ministry of Health of Osun, Abere-Osogbo, numerous representatives of different groups in different areas of life of the state population took part.

The LCCN, the Daily Sun gathered, is the coordinating body for planning and running ITN (Insecticide Treated Nets) campaigns aimed at distributing the nets free of charge to residents of Osun State to promote malaria prevention and control in the State to ensure.

The networks, which are distributed free of charge to a target group of five million people in the country, were made available by the Federal Ministry of Health and the Global Fund as well as the Catholic Aid Organization for Family Health (SFH).

The distribution of the nets impregnated with insecticides is part of the State Malaria Elimination Program (SMEP) to ensure the control and prevention of malaria deaths, especially among children and pregnant women.

During the inauguration of the committees, various groups such as the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the League of Imams, traditional rulers, the state government, the women’s wing, security agencies, media, etc. were represented.

SFH deputy director John Ocholi said the mandate of the committee is to ensure smooth campaigns about the dissemination and importance of the network for malaria prevention and control, to encourage people to approximately collect and use it .

“They are important stakeholders in keeping people informed about the Internet. We want people to be honest about distribution. It’s free for everyone and we want to make sure no one is left out, ”said Ocholi.

Osun State Health Commissioner Dr. Rafiu Kusamotu, who conducted the dedication exercise, announced that the committee was being set up to oversee the processes of net distribution across the state.

“Today we are adequately informed about the various processes that have been put in place to ensure a smooth grid distribution campaign in the state. This gives us the information we need to understand and effectively monitor all of the activity, ”he said.

While making comments on the reasons for the inauguration and the relevance of the nets in the fight against mosquitoes and malaria, Kusamotu noted:

“I greet you all and thank you for taking the time to attend this initiation. As you have already been informed, we are here to talk about durable insecticidal nets.

Long-lasting insecticidal nets, abbreviated as LLIN, are mosquito nets that have been impregnated with insecticides. They are a proven low cost method of malaria control. They are effective because they provide a barrier that prevents mosquito bites and they can also reduce mosquito populations. “

The Commissioner added that the nets would be distributed to the public free of charge.

He urged them to use them properly as it would go a long way in preventing a large number of malaria-related deaths.

“It is important to know that we make these networks available to our employees free of charge. If used properly, we can potentially prevent thousands of malaria deaths, especially among children and pregnant women, ”said Kusamotu.

He added: “The nets we will be distributing were provided by the Federal Ministry of Health and the Global Fund, as well as the Catholic Aid Organization for Family Health. Several other organizations were hired to distribute the nets in Osun State

Kusamotu also pledged justice and fairness in the distribution of the nets to ensure that everyone receives copies.

“The members come from different walks of life and are largely diverse enough to represent most of the people in the state and also to take care of certain interests such as security,” he noted.

He urged participants to pay attention to all information provided during the orientation and to be ready to dutifully discharge their responsibilities if necessary.

“This is a call to serve the state and I urge all of us to accept it with every sense of responsibility.”

Kusamotu said the COVID-19 pandemic is real and has not completely gone.

He urged members of the committees to continue spreading the message to people during the network distribution campaigns to encourage compliance with infection control measures, particularly physical distancing and hand washing


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