As LUTH accommodate them from kinfolk of the affected person, let Odas sleep for the hall


November 26, 2020

The Nigeria Goment Hospital LUTH for the state of Lagos collects money from relatives of the patients to provide sleep for the mothers hall, while Pipo Wey does not pay for fit for sleep outdoors for cold and mosquito bites.

Dis dey comes up after a video goes viral for social media. We show nursing mothers and women lying down for the open space for the hospital corridor. They complain of poor treatment from hospital management.

The authorities at the University of Lagos Teaching Hospital do not oppose the report. Tell them that they do not pursue women from the accommodation and surprise why the person wey post di video go post am.

CMAC Medical Advisory Board chair professor Wasiu Adeyemo told BBC Pidgin that they are getting the rule for LUTH without relatives having to stay outside with slide patients all night.

When BBC Pidgin visits the hospital, we see Pipo, both nursing mothers and visitors, lying down for the corridor. Some of them confirm that they sleep at night if they are not made to pay for the hall space.

A nursing mother says, “The no dey allow me to stay with my baby for the night, so I pay to stay for the lodge so that I can properly care for my baby who I need.”

Anoda patients make relatively wey no wan we mention in the name confirm saying that the hospital authorities pack away all di beds dia and oda dem to get out of the hall, but come back later to come to terms with the after di matter don enta social Media.

At 8 p.m. Nigerian time, some patients, including mothers, are sleeping for the corridor as the hospital is not making any arrangements for them.

Our research shows that the hospital has a special private ward that makes a lot of money to stay with patients.

For documents we see fit patients pay between 300,000 and 750,000 naira medical / surgical bail before admitting staying with their relatives and enjoying special care for the private ward, poor man, not fit for dia .

LUTH will get 800 beds but over 200 places will not be available to be renovated while they are using some parts to care for Covid19 patients.

Professor Wasiu Adeyemo says doctors and nurses take care of the patients so that the wet relatives take care of the treatment.

When we ask if we have enough nurses and doctors to take care of all the patients, as I claim, we say “dis na Nigeria, we are not getting any evritin”.

E say, “If you have room for 15 pips and you allow relatives to stay, well, the place is full and patients need time to rest, so relatives assume they will give the place”.

Since they don’t get enough hands to deal with patients, why not relax the rules and allow relatives to stay with patients?

Ward wey get up to 20 to 30 patients and dey get between 4 to 6 nurses to cover the whole ward for one shift.

The relatives of the patients sleep due to the disorder for open spaces in the hospital. Some have their own mosquito net while others sleep like data that is hashed.

LUTH Follow for Hospital Wey Follow Manage Covid19 Patients When Di-Pandemic Dey Trend Good. 9,000 run and treat 600 Covid patients a year alone.

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