NH experiences one other case of a uncommon mosquito-borne virus


NEWPORT, NH (WCAX) – COVID-19 isn’t the only virus that New Hampshire health officials are raising the alarm about. This includes a rare one that is transmitted by mosquitoes.

As if the people in our region need another virus to worry about. But that is exactly the case in New Hampshire. Health officials warn of a virus that is not COVID-19. Like the West Nile or Eastern equine encephalitis, the Jamestown Canyon virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. A patient from Newport, New Hampshire recently tested positive. It is the fifth case in the state this year.

“I just know it’s a different virus. It’s rare, ”said Rodney Petrin from Newport.

Symptoms of Jamestown Canyon include a fever, muscle pain, headache, and fatigue. However, more severe cases can lead to nervous system disorders such as meningitis or encephalitis.

“By and large, it seems rather minimal when you deal with something as global as COVID,” said Petrin.

According to health officials, cases of the Jamestown Canyon virus have increased in recent years as recognition and testing increase. While Vermont has not reported any cases so far, New Hampshire has counted 14 cases in the past seven years.

“Yes, it worries me, it worries me,” said Jeff Churchill of Newport.

Cases of Jamestown Canyon were reported from May through November. But right now the people I have spoken to are mostly focused on the coronavirus.

“I pretty much stay at home. I go to work every day. I’m coming home and staying home with my girlfriend and granddaughter, ”Churchill said.

Anyone with questions or concerns about the virus is encouraged to contact the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

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