Landed Houses To Get Anti Mosquito Kits As Extra Mosquitoes Are Breed: NEA, Singapore Information


As of November 18, 33,844 dengue cases had been reported this year, 355 of them from the previous week.

To counteract this, the National Environment Agency (NEA) will distribute anti-mosquito kits to residents of country houses, the agency announced in its press release on Thursday (November 19).

Kits for mosquito-free homes

As part of the new NEA mosquito prevention campaign, they will be handing out Mozzie-Proof Your Home toolkits to people who live in dormitories.

The kit contains:

An informational brochure about common habitats for mosquitoes in country houses and how to keep them from being around the house.

It also includes tips on how residents can protect themselves and their families from mosquito bites, as well as more information on mosquito repellants.

Residents are also given a Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis) dunk to place in non-regularly checked areas such as gutters, drains, and water fountains, all of which are potential breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

  • Weatherproof stickers, wooden flower pot markers, and fridge magnets

As a visual reminder of these areas, residents are given stickers, markers, and fridge magnets so that they can regularly check for mosquito breakouts in their homes.

This is how you prevent mosquitoes from forming in your homes

To help the residents of country houses, the NEA advises them to take additional measures to prevent mosquito growth in their homes and buildings.

These measures can be helpful if used regularly.

  • Turn the containers upside down and store them under cover when not in use
  • Cover all water storage tanks
  • Regularly maintain fountains and scrub the interior surfaces to remove mosquito eggs
  • Clean gutters and drains within the site
  • Also add Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) larvicide to stagnant waters that cannot be removed

There will also be “Mozzie Wipeout” dengue cluster banners posted around rural housing developments to highlight the ongoing problem. Residents are encouraged to visit the NEA website and their myENV app to be informed about dengue cases.

Dengue cluster update

According to the NEA, there are still 106 dengue clusters as of November 18.

Since the beginning of the year they have succeeded in closing 96 percent of the 2,942 dengue clusters.

The reported clusters, which closed last week, were in the areas of Pasir Ris Drive 10, Cambridge Road, Cheng Soon Garden, Fernvale Road, and Ah Hood Road.

However, due to the remaining number of dengue cases, the NEA will continue to conduct preventive inspections to remove habitats for mosquitoes.

The NEA hopes that this new campaign will raise awareness of the issue and give residents a sense of urgency about the situation in order to prevent further dengue cases.

This article was first published in Asianparent.

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