Mosquito fighters face a difficult battle in Etas Lane – NBC 6 South Florida


When it comes to fighting the mosquitos in South Florida, Tropical Storm Eta has complicated things to do.

“We had so much rainfall before [Eta] that the soil is saturated and that you have ideal conditions for breeding mosquitoes, ”said Dr. Bill Petrie of Miami-Dade Mosquito Control.

He noted that for adult insects, spraying doesn’t work well in strong winds or rain. So his crew is currently looking for the insects before they can fly and using the larvicide known as BTI, or Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis.

Dr. Petrie says BTI is environmentally conscious and will only kill those specific insects in South Florida.

“They prevent the mosquito larvae from appearing as adults,” he explained. The crews are targeting breeding grounds such as a trench on the south side of Miami Gardens Drive east of I-75.

“You know where you are,” he said. But not all mosquitoes prefer to breed in standing water on the bottom. Dr. Petrie added that the insects that carry Zika or dengue fever prefer backyard containers.

This is where emptying buckets and small water bags, even in children’s toys, can make a big difference.

“If you can remove the water that is not on the ground but in containers, you can get rid of that mosquito there,” said Petrie.

To seek help from mosquito control experts in your area, simply dial 311 in Miami-Dade or Broward.

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