Mosquito management will improve pesticide spraying on airplanes in 2021


At the St. Bernard Parish Council meeting on November 4 at 7:00 p.m., the council heard an update from Steve Pavlovich of Mosquito Control Services for St. Bernard.

Pavlovich explained that although there were several “large blooms” in the mosquito population due to rain, hurricanes and floods, 2020 was a relatively “normal” year for St. Bernard in terms of mosquito presence. Even more important to the residents, however, was that Pavlovich informed the council that there had been two “virus events” in St. Bernard.

“Two rehearsals [we collected and sent to Louisiana State University Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab for testing] came back positive for West Nile [Virus]”, Explained Pavlovich.” We have a regiment with several trucks [spraying pesticides in those areas] (Arabi and Chalmette), brochure distribution and [we’re] knocking on the doors [houses] that must be examined for possible mosquito breeding. “

The presence of WNV may sound unsettling, but Pavlovich noted that the news should come as no surprise. “In the past 4 years” there have typically been one or two cases of WNV in St. Bernard. In fact, St. Bernard has an exceptionally low WNV rate compared to the surrounding parishes.

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