“Large Mouth” season four with concern “Monster Mosquitos”


What happened: The Monster Who Is Afraid takes literal form in the upcoming fourth season of Netflix’s “Big Mouth” series. The animated show follows the lives of several teenagers grappling with the struggles of growing up and puberty. “Big Mouth” first aired in 2017 and in this new season Scary Mosquito Monsters play against the teenagers at summer camp. It will air on December 2nd.

Fear is a monster. Literally.

12/04/20 pic.twitter.com/TCouq53EkB

– Big Mouth (@bigmouth) November 13, 2020

The front lines: Anxiety is the most common mental illness with nearly 40 million American adults living with some type of anxiety disorder. This statistic grows when you look at the numbers among teenagers.

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A powerful voice: Our co-worker Jodi Aman shared a few things teenagers should know about fear. She said, “Trust me. I fought. I clawed my way out. I have seen thousands of others in my counseling practice recover better. What you are experiencing is temporary and it is okay to ask for help. “You can also submit your first-person story.

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Other things to know: Here’s what other powers that be say about managing anxiety and other mental illnesses as teenagers:

Method: The fourth season of “Big Mouth” will air on Netflix from December 4th. If you are dealing with fear, you don’t have to go through it alone. Here are some resources you can use to find help.

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