Mosquitoes are the following problem in South Florida with all that stagnant water


DORAL, Fla. – Tropical Storm Eta caused flooding across South Florida, causing problems for residents, their homes and drivers on the streets. But now that most of the bad weather is over, we are dealing with stagnant water – a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

In Miami-Dade County, mosquito control officials say they set 200 traps and spray larvacid when rainwater recedes more slowly. Workers are focusing on storm sewers and known areas where mosquitoes have historically been breeding.

Broward County is taking similar action. The problem both districts have is that persistent rain washes away the chemicals.

“One of the big problems right now is the water is still moving and a lot of the product is splashing out,” said Ahn Ton, director of Browards Mosquito Control.

So, if you notice an overwhelming number of mosquitoes around you, experts advise you to clear stagnant water from all areas: buckets, pots, children’s toys. If it’s a large area that you can’t work on, then you should call 311.

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