It is best to all be happy with your self


My friend and I went on a sponsored mile walk with the kids from St. Peter and St. Paul Junior School in St. Helens.

All the donated money has now been sent to The Uphill Charity to provide mosquito nets to the children of the Uphill School in western Uganda.

This will greatly improve the protection against malaria of children who live in a remote village in Iruhuura, Uganda.

I want to pass on my appreciation and thanks to all of the amazing people who have sponsored us. The grand total is £ 561.

The money is enough to buy more than 112 mosquito nets, which are used to protect over 500 children from malaria caused by mosquito bites. This is because a mother with a baby and up to three children sleeps on a mattress on the floor under a net.

The nets, which cost £ 5, will be purchased in Kampala next February.

Well done, you should all be very proud of yourselves, thanks again – and also Jean Evans who was a very supportive friend.

Joan Harrison

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