Scott Hudson discusses D’Juan Owens’ battle at XFC 43


Scott Hudson meets D’Juan Owens at XFC 43. It will take place on Wednesday, November 11th, in the lightweight. The fight is part of a 155 pound tournament and that fight will be broadcast on NBC Sports.

Handsome Scott Hudson is a playlist at £ 165 for BTC Fight Promotions and is switching divisions for his XFC debut at Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia.

Below are some excerpts from my last conversation with the BTC super lightweight champion.

The general training environment for this camp

“Training partner and my training environment are not ideal, but we’re doing our best. I still get good work with all of my boys. Maybe a little less variety and that requires a little more planning for your workouts. But my coaches took good care of it. “

Scott Hudson

Eight-man XFC lightweight tournament

“I heard a few rumblings about it when they put it together, but I wasn’t sure. And they actually reached out to me to be welterweight. And I said no to welterweight just because I stayed a little lighter … it’s a more advantageous weight class for me … you hit me with an easy spot. Lo and behold, one of them appears magically and that’s how I got to the tournament. “

It has been three years since you last played Joe Elmore at Lightweight

“If BTC were still moving up like a super light division, ideally I would be where I would like to be. Hopefully that opens up a little more globally in the near future. I think there is now a point where it is no longer like that. Because lightweight is a big cut for me. And I think I’m a little too small to hang out with some of the big boys in the elite of 170. “

“So I’ll go back to 55 again. I was in pretty good shape and a little lighter. So it wasn’t a long stretch for me. But I mean, I think it’s a fine weight class. I think 65 would be a bit more comfortable, but you have to do what you have to do. I’ve chosen this weight class and I’m looking forward to my return. “

Scott Hudson versus D’Juan Owens

D’Juan Owens as an opponent

“He’s just fought a couple of times in Canada. He fought Tristan Connelly in Tristan’s last fight before the UFC. I was about to get the fight that Tristan got. I enjoy connecting with him and knew about D’Juan. He has fought in my country before. He probably fought against one of the better lightweights in the country. So I watch out. He gave him a tough fight. And I think it’s really beneficial to me. If I go out there and put D’Juan away and make it look easy, I think that it does really good things for me. Given D’Juan’s recent appearances. “

New training partnership with Bobby Poulter

“So I teamed up with Bobby Poulter. We opened our own place. Not just a place where he and I can train because we both have careers. But we also train customers and coach our own people. And so far it has exceeded my expectations. The quality of life that I have had for the past three months, two and a half months despite the pandemic, has been fantastic. “

BTC 8 and his thoughts on the final fight overall

“It was fantastic. It was a good event. I was very excited about my opponent. Jarel (Askew) is very battle-tested. He’s a good opponent, he’s big and I was happy with my performance. I feel like I’m there going out and being dominant. I won every round, I did damage, I did what I wanted to do there. He gave me a lot of challenges to tackle. I didn’t feel very good in this fight. I had the flu. So things weren’t ideal. It meant a lot to me to go there on one of my worst day and do my business. But that’s what we’re training for. “


The departure of Parabellum MMA for now

“Maybe my gym, which I’ve been training for six or seven years, is closed like a month ago. They just decided to crouch and not get burned by this pandemic anymore. People are really losing their livelihood and there is just no money in it. You cannot run a full martial arts school. “

“I’m still at Lyndon (Whitlock) every day doing my job. I’ve gone to the Niagara Top Team a few times a week for the past three or four months. Working with my trainer Chris Prickett and his crew of fighters has been fantastic. A little more travel, a little more logistics, but it’s okay man. I want to stay positive, I want to make the best of the situation. “

“Keep telling people that there are many more people who are in a much worse situation than I am. I can’t speak for anyone, but it wasn’t all negative for me. So I’ll just roll with the punches. I’m a pretty optimistic guy. I just want to make the best of my situation and have fun training. You know i live my life “

XFC 43

When Scott Hudson lived in a tent in the jungle

“I used to live in Thailand. I trained in 2015. I was sponsored by Team Quest Thailand, like the gym in Northern Thailand. It is a partner of Team Quest; the famous gym from Portland, Oregon. So I connected with these guys. I’ve had a really great year of training. It was fantastic. What they found out was that they covered my training expenses and my accommodation … The accommodation is in the gym. So you like to have an open-air area on the upper floor. Feel free to put down a mosquito net if you want. “

“The tent is for beetles. Technically, I was under one roof, but I lived in a tent because it kept the bugs away. It’s a crazy setup. If I ever see you, I’ll show you some pictures and the like. But there were only a few of the trainers. Some of the Thai guys. Some of the foreign fighters who all live in the gym upstairs. Literally wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, go down and exercise. That was life for a year … My girlfriend at the time and now my wife lived a bit out there with me. We had a small apartment, but still lived in a tent. We called it tent city. “

How Scott Hudson characterizes his time in this Thailand tent

“While I was going through it, I remember being so happy. Do what you love every day and I still have the same mentality. I am obviously happy now. Financially, I’m in a much better place. I don’t have to live in a tent, I can actually buy my own house. You know, that’s the name of the game out there. One thing it taught me is that you have to follow your heart because you can be really happy with very little. That was a huge win for me. “

Dylan Bowker

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