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CUTTACK: Millennium City residents who are already suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic are now struggling with another problem – mosquitoes. Residents have claimed the problem became acute due to the negligence of the Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) authorities. The city’s drains are filled with rubbish while misting is not done properly, which greatly increases the city’s mosquito population. The problem has reached an unbearable level in the past few weeks.

At a time when the state government has advised people to stay home amid the pandemic, the city’s residents cannot sit in their homes due to the threat of mosquitos. The mosquito density index is currently over 60, compared to 45 to 50 last month. The density of mosquitoes is calculated based on the average number of mosquito bites at 10 people per hour. While a density of 30 is referred to as normal and 40 as moderate, the density level above 40 is referred to as high.

The lack of timely preventive measures such as fogging, bush cutting and the use of anti-larval oil in drains by the citizen body has led to an increase in the mosquito density index. However, CMC sources said that 1.08,000 liters of mosquito oil (ML) are required for all 59 stations, but the government is only providing 20,000 liters. Contrary to the annual requirement of 4,320 liters of Temiphos oil, a larvicide used to treat water infested by disease-carrying insects including mosquitoes, the government is providing only 2,320 liters.

The CMC’s health and sanitation department cannot use the small amount of these larvicides in a timely manner. Similarly, the CMC has 94 small and one vehicle-mounted large TIFA machines. Most of the small TIFA machines, however, are no longer functional.

Satyabrata Mohapatra, the city’s health officer, said the threat will be controlled within 15 days as CMC stepped up mosquito irradiation on the 59 wards with the use of 60 hand sprayers three days ago. “

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