Now Mosquito Swatters from Gujarats Morbi fulfills the Chinese language import and fulfills the objective of Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan


A group of 150 small and medium-sized manufacturers have come together to form the “Morbi Clock Manufacturers Alliance” to produce an import replacement – electric mosquito swatter – that is currently being imported from China.

The start of the alliance is significant as it follows the Narendra Modi government, which initiated the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan to make the country self-sufficient, and India’s problems with China in the Ladwan Galwan Valley, where the armies of both countries clashed.

Given the strained relations with China, India is trying to reduce its reliance on Chinese imports and encouraging domestic manufacturers to develop alternative products.

At least 25 million of these mosquito repellants, valued at Rs 300.00, are imported from China each year. In order to meet the growing demand for mosquito killers in India, the alliance was founded in the Morbi district of Gujarat.

“The claps are made by the small and medium-sized industries in Morbi,” Jaysukh Patel, executive director of the Ajanta Group of Companies, told Doordarshan News.

“There are 35,000 employees in Morbi in these industries, 70 percent of whom are women. Making the clap will add 10,000 to 12,000 people, including women, employed, ”he said.

Businesswoman Alice Jaisukh Balodia said the alliance will produce around 50 lakh mosquito claps a day. “The clap will meet domestic demand first, and then export demand,” she said.

India wants to export these claps to Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. The gossip is considered to be one of the safest ways to get rid of mosquitoes that cause health problems like dengue and malaria.

These diseases cause economic loss, including death, in many of the least developed countries in Asia and Africa.

A feature of manufacturing the mosquito repellent domestically is that all of its components are sourced within the country.

“The Chinese mosquito claps are not of good quality. The claps we make are of better quality, ”said Patel.

Most claps don’t last long as long as they develop a bug, even if someone accidentally drops them. Power fluctuations, which are common in India, also damage the claps, which are not guaranteed.

The Morbi mosquito clap is guaranteed, and the manufacturers also offer service for all defects.

What is important is that making the gossip helps the government generate revenue. Currently, imported claps sell for less than Rs 50 and most are sold online with no tax on goods and services paid.

The prices for the Morbi mosquito blows will be at face value or slightly higher than for imported Chinese blows. However, the government will receive GST as manufacturers will pay the tax without backing out.

Production began during the lockdown to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country, and a worker in one of those units said the employees had expanded any facilities that were helping their families.

Mirror Now reported that the Alliance had developed a prototype and successfully tested 3 lakh of such claps. It quoted Patel as saying that each member of the alliance would produce 50,000 claps a day.

The systems for producing the claps were developed with the existing infrastructure. The alliance will gain strength with another 200 manufacturers.

The Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan witnessed India taking over China even in making smaller products like mosquito bats, toys, crackers etc.

If the mosquito beating story turns out to be a success, it could pave the way for many such small products to be made.

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