A mosquito deterrent has been put in at Pudsey bus station to fight anti-social habits


The waiting room at the bus stop has developed into a prominent place for anti-social behavior in the city in recent months.

Recent measures implemented in Pudsey include the closure of the bus stop waiting room from 6pm every evening.

However, it turned out that a “Mosquito” soundproofing device was also installed in the bus station.

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The device makes a piercing sound that can only be heard by younger people.

According to the device website, The Mosquito uses a condition called presbycusis – or more simply, age-related hearing loss.

The website says, “As we age, our ability to hear higher frequency sounds decreases.

“The mosquito emits an alternating high-frequency tone with 16 to 18.5 kilohertz.”

The mosquito is safe, legal, and harmless, according to their website.

However, the device has previously been questioned in media reports – with targeting under 25s seen by some critics as unethical.

In 2017, The Independent said: “The device deliberately discriminates and exploits biological vulnerabilities that young people cannot do anything about.

Alderman Simon Seary told the Yorkshire Evening Post that the device is “used only as a last resort”.

Cllr Seary said, “A mosquito has been built in but is only used as a last resort, hopefully the extra security provided by the subway will do the job.”

The device is installed following reports that street drinking restrictions are expected to expand in 13 areas in Leeds.

A report by Leeds City Council officials suggests continuing PSPOs (Public Space Protection Orders) in areas as diverse as Armley, Pudsey, Horsforth and Harehills.

A report presented to decision-makers in Leeds City Council said: “These public space protection orders are proposed as part of a series of measures to address alcohol-related antisocial behavior and other antisocial problems in Leeds.

“All PSPO terms and geographical ‘restricted areas’ are fully endorsed by West Yorkshire Police and Community Safety partners, including Ward members.”

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