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Rachel Fradette

| Naples Daily News

2020: Election Day in Florida

Here’s a look in Florida from Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

Collier Mosquito Control District

Bruce Buchanan defeated Gene Ungarean for the Collier Mosquito Control District Seat 4, an impartial choice.

Buchanan received 72.5% of the vote, or 118,741 votes to 27.5% of Ungarean, or 45,014 votes.

The Collier Mosquito Control District commissioners oversee the budget for four years so that the district’s funds can be optimally used to suppress mosquito populations in the region.

Commissioners make about $ 400 a month.

Fire rescue areas in the greater Naples area

Candidates Al Duffy and Dominick ‘Nick’ Biondo won seats on the board of the Greater Naples Fire Rescue District and ousted two incumbents in an impartial election.

Duffy received 54.8% of the vote, or 21,950 votes, to win # 2 on the board. He defeated Jeff Page, his challenger for the seat in east Naples. Page, who won 18,083 votes, was chairman of the board.

Biondo received 67.5% of the vote or 24,614 votes to win 5th place on the board. He defeated Tom Henning, his challenger for the Golden Gate seat. Henning, who acted as treasurer of the board, received 11,863 votes.

The Fire Rescue District officers in the greater Naples area serve a four-year term and oversee the district’s budget, property preservation and setting of goals for the district.

Firefighters make $ 500 a month, according to the district.

Further election results: Follow local races here

Second District Court of Appeal

Collier voters decided to keep Judges Drew Atkinson, Morris Silberman, Daniel H. Sleet, and Andrea Teves Smith in their seats, an impartial choice.

The judges have a term of six years. The salaries of all district judges are $ 174,641, according to the Florida Bar Association.

Judge Drew Atkinson received 77.5% of the vote or 135,939 yes votes to keep his seat.

Judge Morris Silberman received 78.2% of the vote, or 136,082 yes votes, to remain in court.

Judge Daniel H. Sleet received 78% of the vote or 135,007 yes votes to remain in court.

Judge Andrea Teves Smith received 81% of the vote or 139,961 yes votes, while retaining her seat.

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