Miami-Dade County Mosquito Management provides suggestions for the autumn


Fall signals some changes as the daylight begins to fade a little earlier and the stifling heat of a South Florida summer subsides. One thing that doesn’t go away entirely is the threat of mosquitos and their pesky and potentially dangerous bites.

Miami-Dade County continues to face a mosquito-borne disease warning that has both West Nile virus and dengue virus making the rounds thanks to these winged pests.

“The Miami-Dade County’s Mosquito Control Department is fully funded and operates year round. This means that efforts to monitor, catch, inspect and suppress mosquito populations are continuing,” said Dr. William Petrie, department head. “Our staff will continue to monitor the more than 180 mosquito traps in Miami-Dade, analyze and record the data from these efforts, meet residents’ inspection requirements, and use various methods to address and control the threats known to us. “

In other words, Mosquito Control does not take a season off, fly south for the winter, or otherwise cut down due to weather changes. In fact, the rainy season is still here in Miami-Dade County, which means there will be rains that mosquitoes depend on to reproduce.

Here are some tips to help you fight Fight The Bite and stay disease free:
• Eliminate standing water in your home to prevent mosquitos from developing.
• Remove items in your yard that could collect rain or irrigation water.
• Use an EPA registered repellent to avoid bites.
• Cover exposed skin with long sleeved shirts, pants, socks, and hats.
• Use the larvicide Bti in dunk form for fountains and granulate form in bromeliads
• Update / replace the water in pet dishes and outdoor bird baths weekly.
• Cover windows, doors and verandas with fine-meshed sieves, cribs with mosquito nets and
• Check regularly that the rain gutters are not blocked.

Report mosquito nuisance issues and request a property review online by clicking 311Direct or using the Miami-Dade Waste Management Department’s mobile app. Residents can also call 311.

Mosquito Control continues to regularly treat selected areas for mosquito larvae – learn more and check the schedule at To find out when and where Mosquito Control sprayers offer truck spray treatments to adult mosquitoes, visit the Mosquito Control Division’s Facebook page at and / or follow @ 305Mosquito on Twitter. Route information is published on both sides every afternoon.

For more tips and information on the Miami-Dade County’s mosquito control program, visit

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