Mosquitoes could possibly be in place this season


The mosquitos could be at full strength in the area this year, with wetter spring and summer expected than in Goulburn Valley.

Greater Shepparton City Council warns residents that La Niña weather pattern in 2020 could lead to an increase in mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases this season.

La Niña is a weather pattern that brings cooler weather and more rain with it, resulting in an expected wetter spring and summer.

Geraldine Christou, director of sustainable development for Greater Shepparton City Council, said mosquitoes laid their eggs on or around standing or still water such as ponds, garden plant containers, clogged gutters, floodplains or wetlands.

“The more rain and water, the more opportunities for mosquitoes to reproduce,” she said.

“While many think mosquitoes are simply annoying, they carry viruses or bacteria into our blood that can lead to disease.”

Ms. Christou said dengue and malaria are two of the major mosquito-borne viruses that Australia fortunately avoided.

“However, mosquitoes still cause debilitating diseases in Australia every year,” she said.

These include the transmission of Ross River virus, Barmah Forest virus, and the potentially fatal Murray Valley encephalitis virus.

The council advises residents that they can take simple steps to reduce the effects of mosquitos.

Wearing insect repellant outdoors will reduce the risk of mosquito bites.

It’s also important that you tip, cover, or throw away any water-containing containers around your property at least once a week.

“While it is impossible to guarantee an increase in the disease this year, Greater Shepparton residents must be on their toes this spring and summer,” Ms. Christou said.

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