“Take up the fogging to curb the mosquito risk”: The Tribune India


Mohali, October 28th

Deputy Commissioner Girish Dayalan ordered the Ministry of Health, the city administration and local councils to take an active part in the fogging process to curb the mosquito threat.

Dayalan chaired the weekly health check-up meeting at the county government complex, saying, “Instead of running each fogged vehicle just once a day, they can be used twice, morning and night.”

The city administration has put into operation fog machines equipped with GPS, which enable the monitoring of the speed and duration of vehicles in a certain area / location. The city is divided into four zones. Fogging is carried out in each zone by one machine in accordance with a schedule for each sector / phase once a week. After eight to 10 days, fogging occurs again in each sector / phase of the city.

In addition, two shoulder-mounted machines are used for shoeing in parks, villages and settlements. These are also used in the homes of active dengue patients and their neighborhood. – TNS

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