Actively take up the fogging to curb the specter of mosquitos: Mohali DC – Cities


Deputy Commissioner Girish Dayalan instructed the district health department, local authority and council to “actively commence the mosquito control fog” at Wednesday’s weekly health review meeting.

This is due to the fact that within one week 56 people contracted dengue and 33 cases were reported from Mohali city. The Mohali Health Department issued a warning in September that coronavirus and dengue co-infection could prove risky after detection of mosquito larvae in several places.

Dayalan said that as climatic conditions change, the fogging and gauging of door-to-door containers through active challaning of households where mosquito larvae are found should be increased. “Instead of running each fogged vehicle just once a day, they can be used twice,” to cover maximum areas, the DC said.

The use of disinfectant spray across the city, especially in public places during the Christmas season, dusting of medicinal powder near drains, and frequent disinfection in densely populated areas, slums and narrow streets were ordered.

The MC has put into operation GPS-equipped fog machines that operate once a week in the city, which is divided into four zones. Re-fogging takes place after 8 to 10 days.

Two shoulder-mounted machines are also used for fogging in parks, villages and settlements that large machines cannot penetrate.

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