How one can Make Socially Conscious DIY Halloween Costumes


Even if Halloween 2020 may look different, we can still celebrate! Here are three fun costumes you can make at home. For more costumes and ideas for creative Halloween activities, visit our TODAY Halloween page.


Accessories: white pants, white top, white gloves, white hat with a large brim, two mosquito nets, a roll of acetate paper, two packs of felt bees, hot glue, scissors.

Be safe in this adorable costume! This is an easy, creative DIY that you can do with just a few supplies. Just wear all white (long sleeve is preferred to keep those pesky bees off). I even wore white gloves to complete the look.

Use a large, white brimmed hat to create the veil hood. First, glue the felt bees hot on the mosquito net in any pattern. Next, hot glue the acetate paper to the edge of the hood. Then hot glue the mosquito net to the edge of the hood and over the acetate paper. We put extra yellow and white flowers on the top of the hat just for extra pizzazz! Carry a basket or jar of honey as an extra accessory.

snow Ball

Accessories: ½ inch foam sheet, a roll of white felt, two packets of cotton snowballs, favorite jewelry, clear umbrella, a packet of snowflake stickers, ½ yard felt, stick-on letters, coordinating mask.

Let your kids choose their favorite states this Halloween and be the star of their own snow globes. First, choose items that are relevant and meaningful to your state. For New York we selected an apple, a taxi, a hot dog, a Statue of Liberty and an Empire State Building. For Texas, we used game food to represent queso, hot sauce, and tacos. Other ideas include a state flag and sports team jewelry.

When picking, make sure these are light so they don’t weigh down the foam board. For example, we used two little New York costume puzzles (the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building). Putting the puzzles together took only 10 minutes and is easy and inexpensive. Also, look around your house for old toys that go with your theme.

To start building, purchase a 1/2 inch foam board from your local craft store. Cut off the corners of the foam board to make an oval shape that will represent the globe base. Cut a hole in the center of the foam board (for your child’s waist). Cover with white felt. Add all of your favorite state jewelry with hot glue. Next, cut out a 6 inch strip of felt for the base of the globe and hot glue it to the foam board. For the top of the world, just use a large clear umbrella. Then stick snowflake stickers on the umbrella.

Arcade Claw

Accessories: A medium-sized cardboard box, a can of red spray paint, a meter of red felt, a pack of gold letters, two sheets of gold glitter paper, a roll of clear acetate paper, adhesive tape with a satin finish, 12 mini soft toys, money graphics printed out, a small cardboard box, a roll of gold paper, one Styrofoam ball, a toilet roll holder and a series of battery operated lights. We made the arcade claw out of aluminum foil and a water bottle bottom.

Grab a box and stay socially aloof (how cool it is to actually be in an arcade game!) In this fun arcade game. We also love this costume because it allows your little one to be with their favorite animal or animal all night long. In addition, you can see your child coming at night by putting battery operated lights on the outside of the box and mimicking the arcade game.

To start building, find a medium-sized cardboard box and measure the three windows with a ruler. Apply acetate paper to the windows with transparent tape. For the inner center panel, try gold poster, gold paint, or even aluminum foil. Fold the box and fill it with miniature animals. For the money slot, wrap a small box in gold wrapping paper and print out money graphics. Glue to the bottom of the box. For the controls we used a styrofoam ball painted with gold glitter paint and a cardboard toilet paper holder for the handle.

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