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Hindi Livinus, Yola

The National Malaria Elimination Program has earmarked 2.8 million mosquito insecticide-treated nets for distribution to every household in Adamawa to combat malaria.

The Federal Ministry of Health’s National Malaria Elimination Program program officer, Ms. Nkoyo Ogar, said the insecticide-treated nets would be delivered directly to households because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Oga, 1.4 million mosquito nets were distributed in Adamawa in the first phase of the exercise.

She said, “Due to COVID-19, we need to change our strategy. It will be too risky for us to ask people to stand in line this time. We will bring the mosquito nets into people’s homes. We distribute over 2.8 million grids that every household is expected to fall under our Adamawa vector control program.

“Using treated mosquito nets for us at this stage is the most effective and inexpensive for malaria control. When used properly by hanging and sleeping indoors every night, it goes a long way towards reducing the overall malaria prevalence in the country.”

Catholic Emergency Services Senior Manager Vector Control Program, Zainab Ali, said media advocacy was important in eradicating malaria.

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