They are not mosquitoes, they’re crane flies


CINCINNATI – The next time you see a beetle that looks like a mosquito, it could be an insect called a crane fly.

Crane flies are huge mosquitoes that don’t bite humans but are just big enough to be a pest.

“Crane flying falls into the hard-to-manage category,” said Joe Boggs, assistant professor in the Department of Entymology at Ohio State University’s Extension. “We call them bothersome pests.”

Crane flies are not only big and annoying, they also behave similarly to earthworms. According to Boggs, the flies ingest large pieces of organic matter and break them down into smaller pieces to enrich the soil.

The flies can usually be found near older lawns, damp lawns, or in parks. The weather also plays a huge role in their lives as their eggs require a lot of moisture before hatching. And last spring was exceptionally wet, which is why we see many of these flies today.

“As autumn approached, the crane flies woke up again,” said Boggs. “They have completed their development and that is why we have so many.”

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