Aish! Jumwa refused to wash with salt water within the police cell


Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa refused to take a saltwater bath at the port police, demanding that she be supplied with fresh water.

Jumwa was detained in the police station cell for a week. Her bodyguard, Geoffrey Otieno Okuto, was also detained at the same police station. The two were charged with the murder of Ngumbao Jola in 2019 ahead of the by-elections to represent the Ganda community.

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Legislators were also ordered by the court to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and eventually agreed to shower with the salt water before being presented to Coast General Hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

This is not the first time Jumwa has been held in police custody.

In June 2016, she and five other MPs spent four days in the cells of the Pangani Police Station on incitement and charges of hate speech.

The port police are often used to pick up high-profile people.

Sources at the police station revealed that she was furnished with a 2-inch mattress, pillow, and mosquito net in her own cell.

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Officials who met them describe them as “subdued and cooperative with the prison authorities”.

Her co-defendant Okuto enjoyed similar amenities in his own cell.

The mattresses are spread out on the floor as there are no beds available at the police station.

Jumwa, a supporter of DP William Ruto, was attended by more than 10 lawmakers led by Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika.

Others in the wake were Emurua Dikkir MP Johana Ng’eno, Garissa Women’s Representative, Lunga Lunga MP Khatibu Mwashetani and Kimilili MP, Chris Wamalwa Andrew Mwadime MP, and a nominee Jubilee Senator David Sankok also visited Jumwa after their psychiatric examination .

Her lawyer, Jared Magolo, said the MP is fine.

“She is fine, she is a strong woman,” said Magolo.

Jumwa was released after eleven days of detention by the port police after she had paid a bail of Sh 5.5 million for herself and Okuto.

Jumwa blamed her political beliefs and support for Vice President William Ruto for her suffering and prosecution.

“It is feared that the first applicant, Geoffrey Otieno Okuto (co-defendant), and I will be prosecuted and prosecuted only because of our known political stance and our proclaimed or preferred presidential candidate in 2022. It is evident that this process is not that goes to bring the murderers of the late Jola to account, ”Jumwa claimed in her affidavit.

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