Remove itching with this Mosquito Chew Itch Neutralizer for 20% off


Let’s be honest. Mosquito bites are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean we have to sit still and just take it. The BITE HELPER® Itch Neutralizer can help relieve itching at the push of a button by releasing heat and vibrations to the affected area. This nifty device is available today for just $ 31.99.

There is no way around it, mosquito bites itch a lot. Most of the time, itching from our bites is difficult to resist. But why does it itch so badly? When mosquitoes dive in and get to work, they inject some of their saliva into your skin and this is what causes the itchiness. Mosquito saliva contains proteins that most people are quite allergic to. The BITE HELPER® comes into play to relieve the itching.

The BITE HELPER® is a non-toxic and gentle device that is not made with chemicals or drugs. Instead, it uses Thermo-Pulse technology to distribute heat and vibration to your bite. This increases blood flow and localized blood flow, and neutralizes and relieves your itchiness. No more creams, sprays or insect bracelets. The BITE HELPER® relieves your itching in seconds.

This tool will help you enjoy outdoor gatherings without worrying about those pesky bugs dampening your day or night. Thanks to its compact size, you can easily keep it in your handbag, bracelet or pocket. Take it with you to the beach, pool, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

The BITE HELPER ® was the winner of the CES Innovation Awards 2018. Users are satisfied with its effectiveness and convenience. Satisfied customer says, “I don’t like itch creams … this thing is great … batteries seem to last a while too.”

This useful contraption originally priced at $ 39, but is available for a 20% discount at $ 31.99.

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