Pressing request for mosquito nets as 1000’s endure from malaria in Darfur – Sudan


UK-based charity Kids for Kids urgently needs donations to help the thousands of people affected by malaria in Darfur, Sudan.

Darfur in Western Sudan is one of the most isolated and impoverished regions in the world. Life is a daily struggle for the local people.

The Health Emergencies Committee in El Gezira, south of Khartoum, reported this week that nearly 60,000 people are already infected with malaria in northern Darfur, while the spread of chikungunya, which is incurable, is also transmitted by mosquitoes.

Unfortunately, there are not enough drugs to treat malaria in Darfur. Given the recent economic instability and flooding in the country, which has seen inflation soar to a staggering 200% this month, the majority of villagers are unlikely to have access to medicine.

Patricia Parker MBE, Founder of Kids for Kids, says: “Despite an inflation rate of 200%, I have just approved the purchase of 3,000 mosquito nets for 47 additional villages (5 already adopted, the others are applying this year at) the cost of £ 31,113. These are urgently distributed as 60,000 people are currently suffering from malaria in Darfur, including our project leader. Mosquitoes also spread chikungunya – an incurable disease that causes high fever and severe pain. Our nets have a small net to keep sand flies out, which spread diseases like vomiting and diarrhea. Children who are already malnourished succumb easily. They sleep on the sand in the straw huts that make up the villages of Darfur and are therefore particularly at risk. “

Patricia goes on to explain: “People are threatened with hunger. Many families only have one meal a day. There is widespread malnutrition and I asked for a project to urgently deliver flour. That too will be very costly. It’s so sad – the goal of Kids for Kids has always been to promote self-sustaining projects so that people can help themselves – but now they urgently need life-saving help and we have to respond. “

Patricia is confident that the sanctions on Sudan will be lifted soon, but notes that “any foreign investment or debt reduction in the country will take months to have an impact on the economy or life in remote areas. I think we need to recognize that we need to provide emergency aid where we can for the foreseeable future. “

Kids for Kids is changing the life of the communities in North Darfur by not only providing mosquito nets, but also an integrated package of sustainable projects such as animal loans, installation of hand pumps, education for children and training of first aid workers, midwives, accountants and Paravets.

The charity celebrates its 20th birthday in 2021 and to date over 550,000 people have benefited from its work.

Visit our website to donate mosquito nets to help protect families from these terrible diseases –

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Kids for Kids was founded by Patricia Parker MBE in 2001 after experiencing firsthand the inexcusable conditions children lived in in Darfur, Sudan. The poorest families survive on less than 25 pounds a year. With inflation soaring – 200% in October 2020 – and the lack of the most basic things, hunger is a real threat. Sudan is currently facing the worst food crisis in years and is now battling the spread of disease. Mothers cannot afford to feed their children with protein in any form. Persistent malnutrition damages growth, weakens bones and teeth, and destroys brain cells. The future is a bleak prospect for a mother who worries every day about how to feed her little ones. There is no money to buy basic things. There is no health care in the villages. Kids for Kids works hard to provide goats for milk in order to strengthen the immune system and mosquito nets of the people in all of our villages for every family. We also ask for support for our soap appeal. Please read about our Urgent Appeal for Soap here:

Kids for Kids is adopting a village and introducing an integrated package of grassroots projects that have been identified by the villagers themselves as the things they need most – and which will help them get out of poverty in the long term. The “Borrow a Goat” program is central to Kids for Kids, although training midwives and first aid workers, planting sustainable forests and fruit trees, installing water pumps in villages so they have clean, fresh water, and kindergartens build, are part of the charity’s work to create sustainable and lasting change.

Kids for Kids has been supported by many well known personalities including HRH The Prince of Wales, Joanna Lumley OBE, Eamonn Holmes OBE, Julie Etchingham, His Holiness Pope Francis, Lord Carrington PC, Timothy West OBE, Miriam Margolyes OBE and many others.

For more information on Kids for Kids’ extraordinary support, which has helped over 550,000 people to date, please contact us or visit our website:

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