Within the arms about danger of mosquitos


Retired Health Inspector M. Selarajoo uses an average of three doses of insect repellent per month due to the mosquito infestation in his area at Persiaran Desa Rishah 11A, Buntong, Ipoh.It is believed that the uncovered manhole near Selarajoo’s house is a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Selarajoo, 65, said he had no choice but to use the repellant as he and his family were simply bothered by too many mosquitos. “I also use the vaporizer type. All of this is expensive for a retiree like me.

“I think my health is also being affected from constant use of the repellants,” he said.

“The mosquitoes keep coming back, even if I keep the windows and doors closed in the evening,” he added.

Selarajoo believed the mosquitoes came from a manhole near his home that was a stone’s throw from the Buntong Health Clinic.

“The manhole has no cover and is always filled with water.

“I think there is massive clogging there that is preventing water from flowing smoothly to the storm drain,” he said. “I think it also causes water to go down the drain outside my home and back into the septic tank,” he added.

Selarajoo has been complaining to the Ipoh City Council, City Council and State Representative since May.

“They informed the contractor responsible for the sewer system in my area, but the workers only pumped the water out of the manhole.

“You didn’t check the drain,” he said.

“I sincerely hope that the city council will review this and take the necessary action to resolve the problem,” he said.

Selarajoo pointed out that dengue outbreaks were common in several areas in Buntong.

“There are Chikungunya cases now.

“I sometimes worry about the people and patients who visit the health clinic as they may be bitten by the swarm of mosquitoes in the area,” he said.

When contacted, a spokesman for Ipoh city council said they were investigating the matter.

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