Preventive measures towards dengue fever


The dengue outbreak always coincided with the end of the monsoon season. Dengue fever is a mosquito-borne viral disease caused by the dengue virus. It is transmitted through the bites of Aedes mosquitoes.

Those infected with dengue have mild or no symptoms. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 75 percent of people infected with dengue have no symptoms, while 20 percent have mild symptoms and 5 percent can develop severe symptoms that can be life-threatening.

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of dengue fever include:

· High fever

· Strong headache

Eye pain

· Muscle, bone and joint pain



· Swollen glands

· Skin rash

In addition, early diagnosis can help reduce complications such as lung, liver, and heart damage and lower the death rate. Here are ways to prevent dengue fever infection:

Mosquito net: Using mosquito nets while you sleep is most effective at preventing mosquito bites.

Mosquito repellent ointment: Apply a mosquito repellent to the exposed area of ​​the body, but avoid the wounded or cut area on the body.

Full sleeve clothing: Wear shirts with long sleeves and long pants to cover your whole body and avoid mosquito bites.

Clean environment: Keeping the environment clean is an important way to prevent mosquitoes from being born. Purge the excess and stagnant water around the house to stop the mosquito from spreading.

Close windows and doors before sunset: Protect your home from mosquitoes by closing the window bars and doors before sunset, as the mosquitoes are very active during this peak.

Check and clean the empty pots and containers: Always empty and clean the pots, bowl, or bucket to avoid pooling water to stop mosquitos from spreading.

Cleaning the cooler and trash can: Clean your cooler and trash can regularly to be more hygienic and avoid unwanted insects.

Light camphor, mosquito-repellent incense sticks or machines: Light incense sticks with camphor or mosquito repellent and turn on repellants to keep mosquitos out of the house.

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