The neighbor covers the mango tree with a internet in order that the fruit doesn’t fall exterior


– Two photos of a mango tree covered with a mosquito net have caused an uproar on the Internet

– A resident guarded its fruits so that their neighbor could not access them

– Even though the branches crossed the fence, the person was unwilling to see their fruit fall into someone else’s terrain

– Internet users described the actions as selfish and petty

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Mango is bae. This is what most internet users say whenever the fruits are mentioned, wherever they are.

Not today, satan. Photo: Janet Machuka
Source: Twitter

For the same reason, many people have admitted that they appreciate the glorious fruit and would not imagine eating a meal without a side of it.

But how far would someone go to make sure they don’t share their green angel with their neighbors or friends? We’ll find out in a moment.

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Social media was filled with shock, laughter, and disappointment when a photo of an obscured mango tree made the rounds.

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A lady on Twitter named Janet Machuka shared a picture of the tree, carefully covered with a web-like material, and labeled it “such neighbors exist”.

A local resident who couldn’t imagine sharing his fruit chose to guard his tree to prevent his mangoes from falling onto his neighbor’s property.

The person spared most of the leaves, but made sure that almost all of the fruit was in the net, even though the branches of the tree went over the fence.

Social media users called the action selfish and hilariously explained that they would cut the tree if this ever happened in their homes.

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