Lady cataloged and stored the mosquitos that killed her. Tweet leaves folks considering – it is viral


Have you ever come across posts where you have different feelings? For example, you might ask yourself, “But why” and at the same time be asked to say “This is interesting”. This Twitter user shared such a post and it is about mosquitos. Chances are, you have a lot of thoughts, too.

The tweet is shared under the ongoing “how it started and how it’s going” trend. It shows two pictures. One of the pictures shows a dead mosquito with the text “Broooo, I just caught a macchar”. The second picture has to be seen to understand what exactly it shows.

Since it was published on October 8, the post has garnered over 1.1 lakh likes. It has also amassed tons of comments from people. While some were reminded of other clips, some asked why. Some eagle-eyed Twitter users also noticed that some numbers were blank. As expected, they also asked questions about this.

“Which is your favorite? Striped legs are mine, ”joked a Twitter user. “I have to take a screenshot of it and show it to the mosquitoes in my room … maybe they’ll get scared,” said another.

That’s how others reacted.

What do you think of the tweet?

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