Woman collects each mosquito she has ever killed ‘Macabre Passion’: This younger artist collects and numbers each mosquito she has ever killed


The young artist collects every mosquito she has ever killed Photo credit: Twitter

Having a strange hobby as a kid or teenager can lead to an anomaly in school or college. But when a youngster gains happiness and confidence from it, the chances that people will talk about the future in the future are always high.

And when a strange hobby has an artistic connection, you can be sure that it will pique the interests of internet users and others in the internet age.

A young artist went viral on social media for her bizarre hobby of collecting dead mosquitos. The 12-year-old has collected and numbered every mosquito she has ever killed.

The young man, known as Delish Day on Twitter, shared two pictures as part of the How It Started, How It Goes challenge.

The picture on the left shows a single dead mosquito and the picture on the right shows an entire collection taped side by side on a notebook.

From the look of their notebook, their dead mosquito collection can be well over 80 or 90.

As expected, the tweet went viral with over 1.15 lakh likes, 26,000 retweets and more than 3,600 comments from Twitter users.

Here are some responses:

The 12-year-old isn’t the only person who went viral this year because of a strange hobby or interest.

Sandro, better known on social media as Mr. Skull Face, has a habit of making changes to his body. Believe it or not, he spent nearly £ 6,000 (Rs 5.8 lakhs) on changes to body modifications, the most recent being the removal of his ears.

Then there are some people who take their hobbies so seriously that they become part of their lifestyle.

Ayla Kirstine from Norway learned a special skill of running around the field and jumping over hurdles like a horse when she was young. Now, as an adult, she continues her strange hobby.

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