The well being district warns the neighborhood to stop the unfold of mosquito ailments after it’s detected


BRYAN, TX – Families and children can enjoy the fresh air and new amenities the park has to offer at the newly renovated Sue Haswell Park. Some community members who didn’t think twice before leaving their homes do so now.

The Brazos County Health District has confirmed two cases of mosquito disease in Brazos County with the Texas Department of Health.

“It definitely works, I think I didn’t even notice it before I got here. It makes you think twice before leaving without a repellent,” said Johanna Rape, a Bryan resident.

Insect repellants are the best way to protect yourself and your family from mosquito-borne viruses. With the pandemic still floating around, park goers worry about their health with the similarities in symptoms.

“Definitely a scary thing, especially since some of the symptoms are similar to the symptoms of COVID, so you could potentially have a West Nile infection,” said Ana Ortega, who was born and raised in Bryan.

An infected person cannot receive medication or treatment. Therefore, protecting the most vulnerable is very important.

“Yes, it’s definitely something, once you have the information, it’s always something you need to consider for your own health and make sure the kids don’t get it,” Rape said.

In this day and age, health is wealth. Dr. Seth Sullivan, Infectious Disease Doctor and Alternative Health Authority for Brazos County, says not to be afraid, but Brazos Valley residents should take extra precautions in very attractive areas.

“I think the most important and important consideration here is mosquito prevention. We know that mosquitoes prevent, or rather transmit, disease by preventing mosquito bites. We can prevent the disease, ”he said.

The health authorities recommend people to follow the 4Ds as the health district suggests the best protection. According to the Oklahoma City Council Health Department, these steps are:

  1. Drain off standing water on your property to prevent mosquitoes from multiplying
  2. Use insect repellant that contains DEET on your clothes
  3. Stay indoors at dusk and at dawn, when mosquitoes are the most common
  4. DRESS long sleeves and pants, and spray repellent on clothing.

Residents like rape take these rules into account.

“Yes, it will affect how we get out. Make sure we wear protection and wear the easy flowing clothes now that we know,” she said.

Authorities say the next time you visit a park, make sure you are wearing an EPA registered repellent and not sitting near standing water.

About 20% of people who get West Nile virus can develop symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, and nausea. In a smaller percentage of cases, serious effects on the body were noted, even causing death.

Texas has reported over 3,000,000 West Nile cases and 172 deaths over the past 10 years, according to the Texas Department of Health.

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