Jungkook had a late night time relationship with Jimin


Episode 7 of In The SOOP shows us exactly how Jimin was injured during his nightly adventures with Jungkook.

During last week’s episode of In the SOOP BTS, Jimin revealed to BTS ARMY that he had a bruise on his leg after doing some funny nighttime antics with Jungkook.

While in Ep 7 only Jimin explained the incident (along with an adorable cuddle session from Jikook), the behind-the-scenes clip of Ep 7 showed us exactly what happened.

It started after most of the members went to bed after a good dinner with a few drinks in tow.

You can see in the video how useful the raw power of the Golden Maknae is in literally pushing Baby Mochi to the ground while marking him. Jungkook quickly runs to his room in the houseboat and locks it just to put on his boxing gloves.

A mischievous Jimin quickly follows him to tag his bandmates while asking what Kookie’s request is. When the Golden Maknae yells “Nothing”, he quickly opens the door and begins to play boxing with his Hyung.

JIMIN was so drunk that he walked around the yard, broke JUNGKOOKS MOSQUITO NET, pulled it out of his room and then fell and burned his knee. Pic.twitter.com/j8siusyEsW

– Zai⁷︎ ♡ JIMIN (@awjiminie) October 6, 2020

ChimChim, believed by fans to be classified in Harry Potter’s Slytherin House, jumps on the mosquito net that covers Jungkook’s bed and breaks it in the process.

We take the ruins in his hands and fight Kookie. We see baby mochi come out. A scream ensues as Jimin falls as The Golden Maknae goes to his hyung and asks if he’s okay. And so kids, it’s like Jimin hurt his leg! We love Jikook’s Bromance!

Jungkook went from scolding Jimin to instantly forgetting about the broken web because Jimin, who was injured, is so much more important to him that he’s soft 🙁 pic.twitter.com/3pV4BexshD

– keesha⁷ (@pjmseIca) October 6, 2020

The SOOP BTS ver. Episode 8, which marks the unfortunate end to the popular variety show, will be available today, October 7th, on Weverse at 12 noon KST (8:30 pm IST). Do you like the friendship between Jungkook and Jimin?

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