Dengue fever, a brand new menace in Aligarh, contaminated 52


Dengue fever has started spreading his leg in the district. In the past week, 52 people have been infected with dengue, while the reality is more frightening. People are still struggling with corona and now the spread of dengue is going to make things worse. 31 of a total of 85 people tested found dengue-positive in the path lab of the district hospital in the last few days. They come from Shahjamal, Neenvari, Khair and other parts of the city. JN Medical College also received some dengue patients

Dengue fever occurs when a female Aedes aegypti mosquito bites during the day, especially in the morning. The highest spreads occur from July through October through November. The current period offers favorable conditions for mosquitoes to thrive. Dengue symptoms appear in the patient 3 to 5 days after the Aedes mosquito bite.

Platelets are an important part of the blood. A normal person contains one and a half to two lakh platelets. It prevents bleeding from the body by forming clots over the flowing blood to prevent excessive blood flow. Less than one lakh platelets are considered dangerous and must be transfused if they are less than 20,000. Dengue virus usually reduces platelets that cause bleeding.

Prof. Haris from JN Medical College said we have received many dengue cases and are admitted to Wards 10, 11 and 12. PNS

This cycle will continue until November. Dr. Ramkishan, CMS at Malkhan Singh District Hospital, said number 8 in the hospital has been turned into a dengue ward.

Special arrangements have been made for a mosquito net, cleaning and misting, etc. He said the platelets are self-made.

Dr. Rahul Kulshrestha, district malaria officer, said 52 cases of dengue have been reported in the district to date. Against this background, prevention efforts were intensified. The door-to-door inspection, pesticide spraying and misting, etc. are carried out. He also urged residents not to allow water to accumulate in and around their homes. Change the water in the cooler. Take all possible measures to avoid mosquitoes.

Mosquito prevention

Mesh mounted doors and windows

Avoid the accumulation of water in unusable objects or near your home or workplace

Use normal mosquito nets

Keep the water tank completely covered

Weekly dry air cooler

What to do if you have a fever

If you have a fever, go to the nearest health center immediately

Keep a normal streak of water on your head, arms, and stomach

During the fever, drink more water and other liquids like coconut water, shikanji, fresh fruit juice, etc.

Wear light cotton clothing and keep the room cool

Do not consume unnecessary medication without medical advice

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