Improved contraception in mosquitoes causes ripple impact


Mosquito haters in the world, rejoice! A few years ago we told you about the first version of this solar powered mosquito repellent, which disrupts the surface of stagnant water. Since then, the project has received worldwide attention, and [Pranav] is back in time for the 2020 Hackaday Prize with Solar Scare Mosquito Version 2.0.

The idea is still the same as before: let mosquitoes lay their eggs in the standing water of tanks and swamps and disturb the water with vibrations so that the larvae on the surface cannot breathe.

As clever as this simple idea is, Version 2.0 is even smarter. It has a microphone that hears the wingbeat frequencies of mosquitoes that like to hang out in such places.

Inside there is an Arduino MKR GSM, with which the air pump can be operated to generate waves, water can be captured by the sensor and data can be captured by the microphone.

With a network of these devices all report data, [Pranav] envisions an early warning system for mosquito-borne epidemics that alerts locals over their phones.

Solar Scare Mosquito has come a long way since 2014. Check out the video after the break.

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