The mosquito season is predicted to proceed


Deanna Watson

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Those pesky little mosquitoes will likely stay around for a while, the health district said Monday, until we see more consistent fall-like temperatures.

Wichita Falls-Wichita County’s Public Health District announced Monday that the city has taken action against an increase in mosquito complaints and continues to actively treat problem areas in the city for the bloodthirsty insect.

Mosquitoes are likely to remain active and continue to multiply, the health district said in a press release until night temperatures stay consistently below 50 degrees.

“Standing water is necessary for mosquitoes to complete their life cycle. Therefore, increased rainfall leads to a boom in the mosquito population,” said the press release.

City workers treat mosquito breeding sites on public land during the day and spray on adult mosquitoes in the evening if the weather permits.

The wind speed must be less than 16 km / h and no precipitation is expected when spraying mosquitoes.

If you have a mosquito complaint in your neighborhood, call (940) 761-7890.

The Health District offered these tips to help combat the bite:

  • Draining / Emptying: Ensure that any containers (e.g. dog bowls, rain barrels, children’s toys or tarpaulins, etc.) that contain water are drained or emptied. Mosquitoes begin their life cycle in the water and many species lay their eggs above the waterline on the inside of containers, so wiping the sides is important.
  • Deet: When you go outside, wear an EPA approved insect repellent. Make sure to follow the directions on the label when applying and re-applying. Ask your pediatrician about the age at which an insect repellent should be used in young children and what type they recommend.
  • Dress: Wear long sleeves and long pants when outside, especially if you’re doing an activity that churns up mosquitoes resting in the grass, such as gardening or outdoor exercise.
  • Twilight / dawn and all day: Mosquitoes are generally considered to be most active at dusk and dawn. So, if you are able, limit your outdoor activities during these times. However, you should take proper mosquito precautions at any time of the day outdoors, no matter what time of the day.

While some species of mosquito in Wichita County can spread diseases like the West Nile virus, most are just perceived as bothersome, the district said.

“At this point in time, the Wichita Falls-Wichita County Health District has received no reports or tested positive for mosquito-borne diseases this season,” the news release said. “If you have flu-like symptoms after a mosquito bite, please contact your doctor.”

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