Specialists warn of malaria mosquitoes, which thrive in city areas and might result in new outbreaks in African cities


SciDev.Net: New malaria mosquito threatens mass outbreaks in Africa
“Africa only has a few months to respond to an invasive malaria mosquito that thrives in cities before the situation gets out of hand, experts warn. Scientists predict that more than 125 million urban residents across Africa will be at higher risk of malaria from a type of Asian mosquito that is moving rapidly across the continent. The Anopheles stephensi mosquito is one of the few malaria mosquitoes that thrives in urban areas because it finds clean water to lay its eggs. Malaria is traditionally seen as a rural disease. In Africa, city centers can be completely free from malaria transmission, according to experts from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). However, the invading mosquito could dramatically change the location and movement of malaria in Africa, where 94 percent of malaria deaths worldwide are recorded, mostly among children under five … ”(Buguzi / Broom, 9/28).

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