Forestall mosquitos from spoiling the backyard enjoyable


Summer is a popular time of year that is often dominated by the amount of time you spend outdoors enjoying the summer sun. But all that extra time outdoors can leave people vulnerable to mosquitos.

According to the National Institute for Safety and Health at Work, mosquitoes are more than just hungry, unwanted backyard patrons. Indeed, mosquito-borne diseases, including Zika virus, West Nile virus, and dengue fever, are a significant threat.

Although mosquitoes do not transmit disease, those who cannot bite into humans can deal with discomfort and itching.

Taking mosquito control measures outside of your home can reduce your risk of being bitten by mosquitos.

Remove places where mosquitoes like to lay their eggs. Mosquitoes like to lay their eggs in stagnant water. Walk around your property once a week in summer and at other times of the year when mosquitoes are buzzing around to remove any standing water.

Bird baths, flower pots, children’s toys, pools, and dumpsters are some of the most common places for water to pool and make perfect places for mosquitoes to lay eggs.

Turn it over to drain any standing water. Remove empty flower pots and make sure the water storage containers are tightly closed at all times.

Address areas where mosquitoes like to rest. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that mosquitoes like to rest in dark, damp areas. This includes carports, garages and patio furniture.

Outdoor insecticides can prevent mosquitoes from resting in such areas. In a home, mosquitos can linger under a sink, in cupboards, under furniture, or in a laundry room.

Indoor bug sprays and indoor bug sprays work quickly and can be very effective. However, reapplication may be necessary as they will not prevent more mosquitoes from entering the house at a later date.

Check your window screens. Mosquitoes may prefer the outside, but that doesn’t mean they won’t go into a house to look for meals when they get the chance.

Examine the window grilles for holes that allow mosquitoes to gain access to the interior of your home and replace any damaged screens immediately. Make a concerted effort to close the doors as quickly as possible when leaving or entering a house. (MC)

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