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Many of us have seen people in nets to protect themselves from the annoying and harmful mosquitoes, but quite a few have ever seen animals kept in nets to protect them from the threat of mosquitos. This newspaper has a picture with it that shows both people and animals in a net in the lower Sindh to protect themselves and their precious cattle from mosquito bites. A report with the picture said the mosquitoes increased exponentially after the recent rainfall.

This year, unusually large mosquitoes have infested the rain-hit areas and regions near them. Local residents say that this year mosquitos have become a threat not only to people who cause malaria and dengue, but also kill their livestock. Their homes and crops have been washed away by the floods, and all they have left is their livestock to rely on to make a living. That’s why they try to protect them as much as possible. The situation is so bad and annoying that they cannot step out of their nets after sunset.

The fumigation was stopped when it is needed most. There are no medical camps in the affected areas either, and residents exposed to these dangerous insects spend all night scratching their mosquito bites. As a local activist aptly pointed out, people in flood-affected areas need more mosquito nets than food rations.

The fumigation stopped after local governments ended last week, according to a senior official from Mirpurkhas division. Local government officials have stopped working after the local government’s term of office has expired, seriously hampering rehabilitation work in flood-affected areas. Many locals rightly believe that fumigation is not enough to tackle the mosquito threat. Drainage of rainwater is the only effective solution because the problem with mosquitoes is that when they are knocked away from one place, they invade other places. These mosquitoes are so persistent that repellants and the like are ineffective against them.

Posted in The Express Tribune on September 13, 2020.

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