“Important improve” in mosquitoes anticipated in Neston


Residents of a market town on the Cheshire coast are on alert.

They were made by local mosquito experts Prof. Michael Clarkson and Dr. Peter Enevoldson warned that there is likely to be a “significant increase” in biting harassment in the coming week.

A high risk is forecast if the city’s Mozzie clock is updated to “red”.

The pests live in the swamps around Parkgate and Neston, where traps are monitored.

The experts say that “very few” adult mosquitoes have appeared in the past week.

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But they add: “The swamp breeding tanks are teeming with mature larvae and pupae. In addition, recent wet weather has prevented other areas from drying out, and these unusually contain larvae as well.

“The relatively cool temperatures of the past few days have delayed the development of these larvae and pupae, but it is inevitable that they will appear in the next 7 to 10 days as adults and cause a sharp increase in mosquito numbers.

“Whether this leads to a significant biting problem depends on the weather. Adult mosquitoes do not like cool temperatures, strong winds, and heavy rain. None of these seem to be consistently forecast for the next few days, so we expect the biting disorder to increase significantly over the coming week.

“This can be mitigated by the fact that our sampling showed that many of these mosquitoes are a species called Aedes caspius. Like the common mosquito, Aedes detritus, these people can bite, but their flight range tends to be shorter. “

They explain, “The source of this surge is the time of very high tides two weeks ago. These replenished the breeding basins, where eggs had been laid in the mud and grass around the basin and rested for up to a year or more. “

People can report bites through Neston City Council to improve the forecast.

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