Invasive Aedes mosquito that has been sighted a number of instances throughout Ventura County


VENTURA, California – An invasive mosquito known as the Aedes aegupti mosquito was recently discovered in the Simi Valley and other cities across Ventura County.

“There’s a line on the back of the mosquito that’s a dead giveaway,” said Ron Ventura, supervisor for Ventura County’s Environmental Health Division.

According to Ventura, the mosquito has white stripes on its back and legs.

“The invasive Aedes mosquito is an alien mosquito that can transmit some tropical diseases.”

Some of the diseases are zika, yellow fever, dengue fever and chikungunyaand.

“The native mosquitoes that we have here in Ventura County like to bite in the morning and evening light, and they are generally hosted by birds and small animals,” Ventura said. “But this mosquito definitely wants to be in and around your home and use you as their host.”

Officials say this mosquito bites aggressively during the day. They were first discovered in the Simi Valley in early September. But then there was another confirmation in the City of a Thousand Oaks.

Just recently, the county received multiple phone calls regarding sightings of the bug in the city of Ventura. Over the weekend, officials started trapping in Ventura. The city said it also plans to set additional traps along areas of standing water, including residents’ homes.

“These mosquitoes like to be in the house,” said Ventura. “Under ideal conditions, these mosquitoes can multiply within seven days. So we ask the public to really paint their yards and look for any stagnant water that has been there for about three days and dispose of, drain or dump and throw these containers. ”

The district asks all residents who suffer from mosquito bites during the day to report them to the hotline for mosquito complaints at 805-658-4310.

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