These $ 12 Mesh Mosquito Pants are each Southern dad’s best present


While mosquitoes certainly buzz around all year round, in the summer they really reach their fullest pest potential in the south. Hot weather, sweaty people, and more time outdoors give mosquitoes the perfect storm to devastate unsuspecting court traders, porch sippers, and deck chairs alike – and no one loathes a big, fat mosquito like a southern father who does all of that.

a person posing in front of the camera: outsmart those slick skeeters.

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Outsmart those smooth skeeters.

That’s why we spoil him despite our better judgment. We’re leaving him the too good to be true, getting infomercial skeeter spray and the formidable electric gossip, and chances are you’ve even seen the fashion faux pas (or agreed to buy it as per his request) that the the Mosquito net hat is. But in reality, things have gone a lot further than we have ever known. There are currently mosquito net pants officially on the market – pants! – and it’s time we looked into it.

These particularly ludicrous fishnet pants are designed to keep mosquito bites at bay while maintaining breathability so they can stay. It’s designed to cover whatever shorts he might want to wear outside to work in the garden, cut the lawn, or go on the rare hike cool and breezy outdoors. And while the mere thought of someone wearing them in public makes us shudder, we are strangely involved in the idea. Do you wear thick, baggy trousers in the middle of southern summer? We will pass.

Coghlan’s Bug Pants are equipped with continuous “legs” made of ultra-fine mesh, which successfully keep mosquitoes, ticks and no-see-ums away from these chamois and at the same time can wear a variety of favorite dad shorts from the cargo too sporty with jeans jorts. (Side note: We don’t endorse Jorts in any way, shape, or shape.) With a drawstring waist and ankle cuffs, and made from lightweight, flame-retardant fabric, these beetle pants are a nature lover’s dream that’s exactly why we’re grabbing a pair for every southern dad in our lives ( literally and voluntarily), stat. Buy the mesh mosquito pants here – for the best $ 12 to spend all season.

Mosquitoes think they’re smarter than slick in summer, but they still have something to do. Beetle pants, ordered.

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