The US is offering 88,000 further mosquito nets to assist forestall malaria in Laos


VIENTIANE, LAOS – Continuing longstanding US support for the Laotian health sector, US Ambassador to Laos Dr. Peter M. Haymond demonstrated 88000 specially treated mosquito nets presented by the US to Deputy Health Secretary Dr. Phouthone Muangpak were funded. These mosquito nets, provided by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), are being distributed to Laotian families in areas where malaria cases are still particularly high.

“The United States is proud to continue to work with the Laos PDR and our public health partners to provide life-saving supplies to prevent the transmission of malaria and to assist Laos in its mission to eradicate malaria by 2030,” said ambassador Haymond said.

Laos has seen a steady decline in malaria cases over the past decade. The number of malaria cases in the country has fallen by nearly 90 percent in recent years, from 50,000 cases during an outbreak in 2014 to 6,593 cases in 2019.

This mosquito net contribution represents the latest U.S. support for the Center for Malariology, Parasitology and Entomology and the Department of Health. Support provided from the US as part of the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), Strengthening Laos’ health system, particularly its ability to fight malaria and mosquito-borne diseases. This is part of a wider United States effort to help develop a comprehensive medical supply chain for countries in the Indo-Pacific region, including Laos.

The handover is just the latest example of US support for the Laos government in fight Infectious diseases including COVID-19, malaria, HIV / AIDS, and others. The United States is working closely with the Lao Department of Health to identify and fill gaps in regional public health supply chains to fight malaria. The PMI program has already provided and distributed 700,000 mosquito nets, 470,000 diagnostic tests and 112,000 malaria treatments to the Laotians.

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